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Disability Mock Voting Elections

The Southwest Center for Independent Living held a mock election Thursday, to help people with disabilities get comfortable with accessible voting machines. KSMU's Emily Nash went to the center and files this report.

People with disabilities practiced voting on an accessible voting machine.

Shelby Butler is the Public Policy Advocate for the Southwest Center for Independent Living.

Butler explains how the machine works to Kristina Matthews during the mock election.

Matthews uses the touch screen to cast her votes.

Once she is done voting, the accessibility machine prints a hard copy of her selections.

Matthews says the machine makes it easier for her to vote accurately.

The machines have adjustable tilt screens and monitors.

There is also a feature that will read the ballot to you.

Greg Greven is a Disability advocate for the Southwest Center for Independent Living.

He is in a wheelchair and has limited mobility in his hands.

He says its not only the accessible voting machine that makes it easier to vote, but the poll workers at each precinct can help too.

Shelly Butler says people with disabilities are a large minority and can make a big difference if they vote.

The accessible voting machines are at every polling site during elections in Greene County.