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Two Lawmakers Launch Effort to Repeal Amendment 2

Two conservative Republicans are launching an effort to repeal the stem cell amendment Missouri voters passed last month.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff explains their plans for the upcoming session and why some say this new proposal isn't necessary...

Senator Matt Bartle from Lee's Summit and Representative Jim Lembke from St. Louis announced today that they will file joint resolutions to replace the amendment which constitutionally protects any stem cell research allowed by federal law.

These two lawmakers contend that voters were uninformed when they approved the constitutional change.

Lembke says this resolution will clarify the issue for voters.

At issue is the definition of human cloning and whether a procedure known as somatic cell nuclear transfer or SCNT is cloning.

Lembke believes SCNT is cloning but supporters of the amendment that passed in November say it's not.

Donn Rubin is the chairman of the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures.

He says a court case over the Amendment 2 language confirmed it does ban cloning.

Both Lembke and Bartle agree that they believe the outcome in November would have been different if more information about the language of the proposal had been available to Missourians.

And, Bartle says if his resolution makes its way onto the ballot in November of 2008, he thinks Missourians will be better prepared the second time around.

Supporters of the procedure known as somatic cell nuclear transfer say they believe it could lead to cures for various diseases.

But, opponents say the S-C-N-T process destroys early human life.

Former U-S Senator John Danforth is a supporter of SCNT research.

He says Missourians have already made their voice heard and that should be enough.

The resolution lawmakers will consider in their next session would repeal the newly approved stem cell language in the constitution and instead would prohibit creating an embryo by any method other than a sperm and an egg.