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Automated Political Calls Under Attack

Automated political calls are under attack. Some politicians say these calls ought to fall under the state's no call law. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Some voters came home earlier this month to find messages on their answering machines from the likes of former President Bill Clinton or Missouri Senator Kit Bond.

While it might have been amusing the first few times, for many people the novelty of the automated political calls wore off quickly.

Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon is urging lawmakers to protect Missourians on the state's No Call List from these calls.

Scott Holste is Nixon's spokesman.

Holste says a change in the law would impact the more than 2.3 million Missouri households that are on the no call list.

While Nixon is asking lawmakers to restrict automated political calls, he's not seeking to limit political calls that involve a live person conducting a poll or campaigning for a candidate.

Holste says it would be difficult to add those kinds of calls to the no call list.

In addition to going after automated political calls, Holste says the attorney general is urging lawmakers to limit solicitations to cell phones and fax machines.

In previous legislative sessions, bills to add cell phones to the no call list and to limit junk faxes have cleared the Senate but not the House.