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Election Night 9:50PM Tuesday

KSMU's Missy Shelton has analysis from Missouri State University Political Science Professor Mark Rushefsky as well as updates from reporters Christy Hendricks and Matt Petcoff who are at local watch parties.

Shelton: Mark Rushefsky joins me now...We see on the national scene that the democrats have picked up three senate seats. Any surprises?

Rushefsky: No. So far, everything seems to be going as predicted. In the state's senate race, where Talent is ahead right now, it's too close to call. But everything seems to be going the way the projections were going. The democrats are going to pick up in the senate and they're probably going to take over the house.

Shelton: How is the stem cell initiative impacting the senate race:

Rushefsky: Right now, they seem to be going in the same direction. I think it's activated a lot of people on both sides of the issue. I would think if the amendment goes down to defeat, that would be good for Talent. If it passes, then I think Claire McCaskill will be our next senator. It's an issue that's had a lot of publicity and that's activated a lot of people.

Shelton: Anything else we ought to think about?

Rushefsky: While the country is going more democratic, I'm not sure that's true of Missouri. If Talent wins, the Republicans will hold on to the senate and Missouri might be different than the other states that are leaning democratic.

Shelton: KSMU reporter Christy Hendricks joins me now from the Oasis Inn and Convention Center where Greene County Republicans are having their watch party. Christy what's the scene like?

Hendricks: There's lots of people here. People are milling about. There are two big screens. People are watching TV and you can tell when a Republican is leading because people will start clapping.

Shelton: What notable politicians are at the watch party?

Hendricks: House Majority Whip Roy Blunt, Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore, Sheriff Jack Merritt and lots of other local politicians. I think I just spotted Norma Champion.

Shelton: And we go now to KSMU reporter Matt Petcoff. He joins us from the Clarion Hotel where the Greene County democrats have come together for their watch party. What's the scene like there?

Petcoff: There's a lot of people here, close to 500 in the ballroom and outside, watching TV and having some fun. There's high hopes, cheering for democrats from Missouri and around the country.

Shelton: Any notable politicians there?

Petcoff: I've seen Charlie Norr, Sara Lampe, Nancy Hagan and Doug Harpool.

Shelton: With the exception of Doug Harpool, all of those are House candidates. Harpool is challenging Norma Champion for her state senate seat. I imagine at this point, many people there are wanting to see what happens with the US Senate race.

Petcoff: They're hoping McCaskill can catch up, obviously.