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Supporters and Opponents of Stem Cell Proposal Hold Rallies

Supporters and opponents of the stem cell ballot measure are holding rallies across the state. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Supporters and opponents of the stem cell ballot measure are holding rallies across the state.

Missouri voters will decide in November if they want to put in the constitution an amendment banning human cloning and authorizing federally-approved stem cell research.

Supporters of the ballot measure say it will help Missouri become a leader in the life sciences and could bring about cures to debilitating and deadly diseases.

They held a rally in Jefferson City on Monday.

Opponents say the amendment is deceptive and actually allows a process known as somatic cell nuclear transfer, which they say is the same as cloning.

On September 21st at 7P-M, the group Vision America will host an event at the Central Assembly of God Church in Springfield that they are billing as an anti-cloning rally.

Dave Plemmons is chairman of Missouri Right to Life in Greene County.

He says the event is aimed at Christians.

But supporters of the ballot measure say they have the backing of some faith-based groups.

Connie Farrow is spokeswoman for Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures, the group promoting passage of the ballot proposal.

She says the other side is bringing in speakers from outside the state to influence Missourians.

For voters who haven't made up their minds on the issue, both sides say they plan to make information widely available in the weeks running up to the November election.

Dave Plemmons with Missouri Right to Life invites the public to the event in Springfield on September 21st.

But supporters of the stem cell ballot initiative say it's unfortunate that opponents of the measure have made this a debate about abortion.

Connie Farrow with the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures says there are people who oppose abortion AND support the ballot measure.

Information from Farrow's group is online at

Information from Dave Plemmon's group is online at