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Attorney General Files Suit Against MOHELA Board

Attorney General Jay Nixon filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the members of the MOHELA board of directors alleging they violated Missouri's open meetings law. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

News of the lawsuit broke just hours after representatives from the attorney general's office appeared before a senate committee and raised concerns about possible sunshine law violations by the MOHELA board.

MOHELA is the state's student loan agency that uses tax-free bonds to underwrite student loans, resulting in lower interest rates.

The lawsuit alleges that the board of directors of MOHELA violated the state's opening meetings law in the days leading up to the meeting where, in a matter of minutes, the board approved a deal to sell part of MOHELA's assets.

Nixon's spokesman Scott Holste.

Some lawmakers criticized Nixon for filing the lawsuit.

Republican Senator Gary Nodler is the chairman of the senate education committee, which heard testimony from two of Nixon's representatives Tuesday.

Again, Attorney General Jay Nixon's spokesman Scott Holste.

Democratic senator Pat Dougherty defended the actions of the democratic attorney general.

Holste says information from the public hearing last week that Nixon initiated along with comments from the chairman of the MOHELA board led Nixon to believe a violation may have occurred.

Now that the attorney general has filed the lawsuit, the MOHELA board members who are the defendants will have a chance to respond with their own filing.