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Roy Blunt Loses Majority Leader Race

Southwest Missouri's Congressman Roy Blunt lost the race for Majority Leader Thursday when the Republican caucus met behind closed doors for the vote. Ohio Congressman John Boehner won after a second round of voting. KSMU's Missy Shelton spoke with two local experts about the outcome.

In a written statement, Blunt congratulated Boehner, calling him a good friend and a leader around whom Republicans can unite.

The outcome of the vote surprised Missouri State University Political Science Professor George Connor.

Some political observers had suggested that the Republican caucus would reject Blunt because he served as Majority Whip under Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who stepped down last year after being indicted in Texas.

But Connor says Boehner doesn't represent a clean break from DeLay.

Missouri State University Political Science Professor Joel Paddock.

Some constituents of Congressman Roy Blunt had wondered whether his elevation to majority leader might bring with it some perks for the district.

But Political Science Professor George Connor says that position might have hindered Blunt's ability to help the district.

Blunt will continue to serve as Majority Whip until the next Congress convenes next year.