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Lawmakers Consider Veto Overrides

During the annual veto session, lawmakers considered overriding budget items the governor vetoed. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Democratic lawmakers made motions to restore funding for Alzheimer's research, the Missouri Institute of Mental Health, and a program that helps pregnant women and children buy food at farmers' markets.

None of those motions succeeded.

Democratic Representative J-D Kuessner made a motion to restore tourism marketing funds the governor vetoed.

The veto of tourism marketing funds was of particular interest to lawmakers from Southwest Missouri.

Republican Representative Dennis Wood of Stone County is Vice Chairman of the House Tourism Committee.

He says even though he doesn't like to see tourism dollars dwindle, he defends the governor's decision to veto the funding.

But another Southwest Missouri representative, Republican Maynard Wallace says he opposes the cut.

He says less marketing could lead to a 10 percent decline in tourists coming to the Ozarks.

The House did not vote to override the governor's veto of funding for tourism marketing.

Lawmakers did not override any of the governor's vetoes.