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Catherine Hanaway: The First Woman Elected House Speaker in Missouri (Part Two)

Catherine Hanaway was the first woman elected House Speaker in Missouri...She assumed the post in January, 2003...Just five years after first getting elected to the House. KSMU's Missy Shelton sat down with Hanaway last week before the legislative session ended to talk about her legislative career.

Hanaway says this has been a personal growth experience for her.

She's gotten more disciplined and she's come to understand the power of persuasion.

She says she's also come to appreciate other public servants, no matter their party, and how hard they work for their constitutents.

She says her faith has grown in the art of the possible.

She believes she can affect change even if you're not in a leadership post.

She says you can get things done if you are will ing to let someone else take the credit for it.

In November, Hanaway will run on the Republican ticket for Secretary of State.

Her democratic challenger is Robin Carnahan, the daughter of the late governor Mel Carnahan.

Hanaway told me that after the election, she's eager to spend time with her family...

She says she'll get to spend more time with her children, win or lose.

She says it's important to have parents as public servants because they have a unique persepective and firsthand knowledge of daycare, Parents as Teachers, and elementary school.

You've been listening to my conversation with Catherine Hanaway.When she was elected House Speaker in 2003, she was the first woman to ever hold that post.