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Gay Marriage Ban Stalls in the Senate

Opponents of a constitutional ban on gay marriage succeeded in stalling the bill in the senate Monday. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

hose who oppose the proposal like Democratic Senator Joan Bray say it's discriminatory.

Missouri law already bans same sex marriages.

But the sponsor of the measure Republican Senator Sara Steelman says that's not good enough.

Earlier this year, the Massachusetts high court ruled that state's law banning gay marriage unconstitutional.

But Bray argues it's mean-spirited to put such a ban in the constitution when it's already in state law.

But those who support the ban say it's not about discrimination.

Steelman says it's about making it clear what the state will recognize as a legal union.

She says if the state allows same sex couples to wed, what's to prevent other non-traditional unions.

The senate has already approved a similar measure.

If the proposal receives the support of the General Assembly, voters would have the final say...It likely would appear on the November ballot.