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Senate Approves Anti-Meth Bill

The senate gave unanimous approval to a bill that's designed to make it more difficult to getthe ingredients for making methamphetamine. Under the bill, it would be up to retailers to keep tight control over their stock of products that contain ephedrine.

The drug is a common ingredient in cold medicines.

Senator Matt Bartle is handling the bill.

The bill also cracks down on the use of anhydrous amonia, another meth ingredient.

Bartle says it's critical that the law keep up with the tactics used by drug manufacturers.

Bartle says some retailers have concerns but it wasn't enough to cause any senators to vote against the bill as it moved through the senate.

The house already approved its own version of the bill.

Now the House can accept the senate version or meet in conference committee to work out the differences.

From Jefferson City, I'm Missy Shelton for KSMU News.