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Anti-Spam Legislation

Springfield, MO Unwanted email advertisements came under fire in the Missouri House of Representatives.As Missy Shelton reports, the House moved forward a bill that would allow Missourians to register with a no-spam list, similar to the do-not-call list. Lawmakers in the House gave first round approval to a bill that would create a no spam list. That's spam as in unwanted commercial emails, not the canned meat. Republican representative David Pearce says it's an idea that's popular with voters.

Pearce's legislation would create the no spam list which would operate much like the state's no call list. You could sign up for the no spam list and then businesses that send you spam after you're added to the list would face fines...up to 25 thousand dollars for each day they disregard the list. But there are a number of businesses like banks and real estate agencies that would be exempt and would not have to honor the list. That bothers Democratic representative Rick Johnson...He says industries with lobbyists successfully convinced the bill sponsor to create an exemption for them.

But bill sponsor David Pearce says he doesn't believe the exemptions water down the bill. He explains why it's important to have a compromise bill that benefits both businesses and private citizens.

Another representative says he has concerns with the bill. Democratic representative Frank Barnitz says he's afraid the bill might give parents a false sense of security.

But bill sponsor David Pearce says even if the state creates a no spam list, parents still are responsible for monitoring their kids' online activity. The House gave the anti-spam bill first round approval. The bill must gain final approval from the House before moving to the Senate for consideration.