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State of the State Preview

Springfield, MO This Wednesday, Missouri'sgovernor Bob Holden will go before the General Assembly and give his state ofthe state address. KSMU's Missy Shelton has this preview of his speech. Last Wednesday, it was time for republican leaders in the house and senate to make their remarks as the session began. This week, its governor bob Holden's turn.

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In speeches to their respective chambers, senate president pro temp peter kinder and house speaker Catherine Hanaway told the governor he can't count on lawmakers to raise revenues or send a tax increase to voters. That means the governor would have to find one billion dollars in cuts. Holden says that's something he won't do'instead, he says he's planning to present some sort of tax increase plan that, in combination with budget cuts will make for a balanced budget. He's calling on lawmakers to cooperate.

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The state constitution requires the governor to initiate the budget process. He'll do that Wednesday by giving the state of the state speech and presenting his budget proposal. But last Thursday, he said he was disappointed republican legislative leaders did not offer their own plans to balance the budget.

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The governor says he'll push lawmakers to close some corporate tax loopholes'but republicans already have voiced opposition to what they call a plan to tax businesses. The governor says it's unlikely he'll be asking lawmakers to send voters an across-the-board tax increase proposal. Beyond that, the governor isn't offering any specifics about what sort of tax increase he may propose Wednesday.