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An audio road trip through the Ozarks with Patrick Needham

Patrick Needham

Talking History's Patrick Needham explores the Ozarks in a quintessential American way.

The road trip is a hallowed American tradition that is really only about 100 years old. From the Beats to the Griswolds, the idea of recreationally crossing country by car is a common trope in American media. But can we learn anything from a road trip?

This week, Patrick ventures out of the studio and deep into the Ozarks on farm roads, state routes and two-lane highway to bring you an audio road trip through the Boston Mountains, the White River Hills, and the Salem and Springfield Plateaus. Join us for a totally different kind of Talking History as we take a look at our region at 55 miles per hour.

Patrick Needham is a mechanic and fabricator with a love for History. Born in Colorado and raised in Taney County, Missouri, Pat loves the Ozarks with the zeal of a convert. Not formally trained in History, he brings an everyman touch to the show. He hopes his fellow Ozarkers find lessons and parallels in the past.<br/><br/>