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This week on STEM Spots host Becky Baker continues our Women in STEM series with guest and former student Johnna Headerson. Headerson works on the Missouri State campus in the JVEC center. The JVEC Center is a research and development center on campus. They mainly focus on nano technology. Listen in to learn more.

Missouri State University

This week on STEM spots host Becky Baker continues the Women in STEM series. Today she speaks with Dr. Alicia Mathis, head of the Biology department at Missouri State University. 

Listen in as they discuss the study of salamanders that Dr. Mathis has beeen producing with research students over the past few years.

This week on STEM Spots Dr. Cornelison covers the exciting new Mars mission; Insight. The mission is to measure Mars-quakes, internal temperatures on Mars, and other internal structure experiments. Dr. Cornelison also helps us understand that under every big idea there are smaller pieces of information that help us know what to make of the big ideas.