Peter Batemon

Production Assistant

Listen in as the students of Rountree Elementary inform Springfield of the news and recent happenings from their school.

This week on STEM Spots Dr. Cornelison speaks briefly on the life and works of Marie Curie. Curie is well known for her work in physics, chemestry, and nuclear science. Curie has been an icon of the human spirit and the strength of women for decades and will reamin as such for the rest of time.

Missouri State University

This week on STEM Spot Dr. Corenlison speaks with  Lydia Lang and Merideth Vogel. Both Lang and Vogel are female physics students at Missouri State University. Listen in as they discuss Donna Strickland, the recent Nobel Prize winner, and what that means for women in science. They also discuss what challenges come from being a women in a STEM field.   

Peter Batemon/KSMU

TOH 10-18

This week on STEM Spots Dr. Dave Cornelison speaks with Jin Hu, Assistant professor at The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR. Professor Hu works with experimental physics within the department of Physics at the university. Listen in as they discuss creating topilogical crystals and what we can learn from them.