Dr. David Cornelison

Dr. David Cornelison has been working as an educator and scientist in Arizona and Missouri universities for the last 25 years.  Since 2010, he has been the head of the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science at Missouri State University.  His research interests lie at the intersection of experimental condensed-matter physics and astrophysics, while his educational efforts have focused on outreach to the K-12 school system.   Most of all, he believes in curiosity-driven learning in the sciences and all other fields.

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Physics plays a large role in the field of medicine.  Just think about the techniques used to identify illness, with X-rays, MRI, ultrasound and nuclear imaging.  They all spring directly from research done in physics labs.  But less obvious is the use of physics in the treatment of disease, especially cancer, where high energy X-rays are the most common tool.  The specialized training required for this field is given by graduate programs in Medical Physics, like the one at the Medical School of  Washington University St. Louis.  Dr.

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Dave Cornelison interviews Abdullah Al Shafe, a material sciences student at Missouri State University, discussing his background in Bangladesh and his metallurgical engineering studies.