Bailey Vassalli

Photography Intern

Bailey began working for KSMU as a photography intern in October of 2017. She left her internship in March 2018, only to return in June to beging working as both a news reporter and photographer. In addition to working with KSMU, she works for Missouri State's photo services and student-run newspaper, The Standard. She has previously interned at the Snohomish County Tribune, Sullivan Independent News and Babe Ruth League. Upon graduation in May of 2019, she hopes to continue her career in photojournalism.

Emily McTavish / KSMU

Experts are reminding campers and hikers to be aware of rising waters and flash flood warnings after Roaring River State Park officials had to evacuate campers Sunday due to rising waters.


Evacuations at the campgrounds began around 9 a.m. Sunday from Roaring River’s Campgrounds Two and Three and the lower loop of Campground One.  Less than three hours later, waters had risen 3 feet out of the bank. 

The flood waters didn’t stick around long; they receded that afternoon.

Ryan Welch / KSMU Radio

President Trump is announcing his campaign for reelection Tuesday night in Orlando. The Greene County Republicans are holding a watch party — one of many around the country. 


Danette Proctor with the Greene County Republicans said the watch party is one of eight in Missouri, but there are more around the country — all anticipating and celebrating one thing: Trump’s reelection campaign.

Shawn Askinosie

After the Washington Post ran an investigative story about large chocolate manufacturers using cocoa harvested by enslaved child laborers, a local chocolatier took to Facebook to express his concern – and to explain what his company does differently. 


Askinosie Chocolate is more expensive than your average chocolate bar — and there’s a reason for that, as founder and CEO Shawn Askinosie explained in a Facebook Live video.

Horia Varlan /

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month.  The local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is encouraging families to have some tough conversations—and to have them earlier, as opposed to later. 


First, a refresher: Dementia is a general term that describes a group of symptoms associated with memory loss. Alzheimer’s Disease is a form of dementia that disrupts the nervous system.

Tatiana Vdb / Flickr

A report from Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families shows the uninsured rate for women of childbearing age is twice as high in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid compared to states that have.



Missouri is among the states that have not expanded Medicaid to low-income residents.  According to the report, 10 out of 12 states with the highest rate of uninsured women of childbearing age are states that have not expanded Medicaid — though Missouri is not one of those 12 states.