Well Water Problems

Oct 4, 2001

The exact cause of the dry wells is not known'the department of natural resources says the population growth in the area has put a strain on wells that aren't deep enough to access the water supply. But residents have their own theory'they suspect a nearby golf course and artificial lake of putting tremendous pressure on the area's aquifer'the golf course and lake have wells that are deeper than those of most homeowners.

Bob Lawrence lives in northern Greene county has had two of his wells dry up this year. He says he can't compete with larger, deeper wells.

SMS and You News Update 10/02/01

Oct 1, 2001

Assistant Professor of Communications Randy Dillon has the story about seminars dealing with public dialog and demonstration.

Domestic Violence

rountree News Update 10/01/01

Sep 30, 2001

This is the latest news update from the Rountree School.

SMS and You News Update 09/25/01

Sep 24, 2001

SMS and Springfield Public Schools are working together to research the history of Springfield.

Jewish Holidays

SMS and You News Update 09/18/01

Sep 17, 2001

Burt Purrington is a Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at SMSU. On his many trips to Haiti, he has witnessed firsthand the poverty that grips the island nation.

SMS and You News Update 09/11/01

Sep 10, 2001

Associate Professor of Communication/Mass Media Kelly McNeilis helps analyze the way doctors deliver bad news to their patients.

League of Women Voters

SMS and You News Update 09/04/01

Sep 3, 2001

Dean of Library Sciences Karen Horny gives an up-date on the renovation of the Duane G. Meyer Library.

Collective Bargaining

SMS and You News Update 08/28/01

Aug 27, 2001

Communication Sciences and Disorders Professor Julie Masterson talks about early childhood communication development. Masterson is co-author of a new book: BEYOND BABY TALK.

League of Women Voters

SMS and You News Update 08/21/01

Aug 20, 2001

Randy Russell of Springfield Public Schools talks about "Celebrating the American Ideal", a collaboration between SMSU, OTC, and Springfield Public Schools which will highlight events and programs exploring the culture and heritage of the Ozarks.

Women's Equality Day