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DHSS awards 6 cannabis microbusiness licenses in southwest Missouri

Missouri voters signed off on recreational marijuana in November, four years after legalizing a medical cannabis program (Rebecca Rivas/Missouri Independent).
Missouri voters signed off on recreational marijuana in November, four years after legalizing a medical cannabis program (Rebecca Rivas/Missouri Independent).

The Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation recently awarded 48 microbusiness licenses through a lottery system.

Out of 1,600 who applied, seven applicants from the Ozarks gained approval for a microbusiness license through the random lottery that took place on August 28.

Microbusiness licenses awarded in southwest Missouri:

- High Aroma LLC, 3242 S. Stewart in Springfield

- Strainworx LLC located at 22802 Highway N in Lebanon

- Zach Hall LLC located at 1202 S. Main in Joplin

- Route 66 Holdings LLC located at 1280 N. Gregg Rd in Nixa

- Ozark Mountain Gypsy located at 25198 Farm Rd. 2120 in Aurora

- Microcultivator Application 2023 LLC located at 303 O’Brien Lane in Jane

- Mizzou Microapp Operations LLC located at 303 O’Brien Lane in Jane

Throughout the state of Missouri, six microbusiness licenses were issued in each of the eight congressional districts.

In each district, two microbusiness dispensary licenses were awarded, and four microbusiness wholesale facility licenses were awarded.

The microbusiness licenses were awarded to the marginalized or underprivileged in the state of Missouri, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Applicants had to meet certain criteria. For example, they had to have less than $250,000 net worth and have an income 250% below the federal poverty level.

Other requirements as stated by the Missouri health website include:

- Having a valid service-connected disability card issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, or successor agency;

- Be a person who has been, or a person whose parent, guardian, or spouse has been arrested for, prosecuted for, or convicted of a non-violent marijuana offense at least one year prior to the effective date of this section, unless the conviction involved provision of marijuana to a minor; or was for driving under the influence of marijuana,

- Reside in a ZIP code or census tract area where 30% or more of the population lives below the federal poverty level; The rate of unemployment is 50% higher than the state average rate of unemployment; or The historic rate of incarceration for marijuana-related offenses is 50% higher than the rate for the entire state; or graduated from a school district that was unaccredited, or had a similar successor designation, at the time of graduation, or has lived in a ZIP code containing an unaccredited school district, or similar successor designation, for 3 of the past 5 years.

In Missouri, microbusiness wholesale facilities can only do business with other microbusinesses, create prerolls and grow up to 250 flowering plants, process the plants, manufacture product and transport each plant, according to MODHSS.

Dispensary facilities in Missouri help store the plants and send them off to stores when product is requested, but microbusiness license holders can only do business with other microbusinesses.

According to a press release issued by the MODHSS, those not chosen for this year’s microbusiness licenses are eligible for a refund starting November 2. Information on how to obtain a refund will become available through the website by November 2.

For additional information about applications and microbusiness licenses visit