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Medicaid data breach: Missouri Department of Social Services alerts public

An illustration shows circuitry and a lock symbol to convey the idea of data security.

The Missouri Department of Social Services says a June data breach could affect people who get health insurance through Missouri Medicaid, or MOHealthNet. They're asking Missourians to protect their personal data.

The data breach took place back in May and it may have affected “protected health information” for people participating in Missouri Medicaid, also known as MOHealthNet.

The Department of Social Services said the breach did not affect their systems, but did compromise third-party software provided to DSS through IBM Consulting.

IBM notified state authorities of the breach back on June 2. Two months later, DSS says it's currently analyzing the data breach and sending letters to warn Missouri Medicaid participants who may have been directly affected.

The letters include information on how you can get a free credit report and otherwise take steps to guard your personal data. If DSS determines more people were impacted by the breach, they say they’ll also reach out to those people.

More information is available online at an incident response website set up by state authorities. The address is You can also call 888-220-4761.

Gregory Holman is a KSMU reporter and editor focusing on public affairs.