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Missouri council appoints new crisis intervention team coordinator

Sgt. Ashely McCunniff
State of Missouri - Department of Mental Health
Sgt. Ashely McCunniff

Sergeant Ashely McCunniff, former supervisor of the Crisis Intervention Unit at the Kansas City Police Department, has been promoted to state coordinator for CIT.

Crisis Intervention Units assist in deescalating people who experience a metal health crisis. The program is designed to prevent people from entering the criminal justice system and instead get them the help they need.

Sgt. McCunniff’s position was recently announced at a CIT meeting. There, Brent McGinty, the President and CEO of the Missouri Health Council recognized McCunniff's accomplishments as part of the original team that helped build the foundation for Missouri’s statewide CIT initiative.

McCunniff is taking over for Sherriff Jason Klaus who served as the MO CIT coordinator for more than five years and who is now the sheriff for Perry County.

The MO Council said it believes that McCunniff will continue to grow CIT and expand its services.