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Springfield council approves redevelopment plan measures for new Grant Avenue Parkway

A Grant Avenue Parkway map shows the route from downtown Springfield to Wonders of Wildlife.
City of Springfield
City of Springfield
The Grant Avenue Parkway begins construction in early May.

Springfield City Council on Monday night voted 8-to-0 to approve a redevelopment plan declaring much of the Grant Avenue Parkway and surrounding areas blighted.

The move comes after Council approved $75,000 dollars toward a blight study of the corridor back in August 2021.

With the city’s blight designation, developers wanting to build in the area can apply for tax abatements under state law.

Councilman Richard Ollis said Grant Avenue Parkway incentives should also be put within reach of homeowners.

“Although I know there are some challenges," he said, "the single-family homeowners can participate in this program as well. And I’d encourage us as we move forward to try to educate homeowners that are upgrading their properties and see if we can figure out a simple and easy way that we can help them be a part of this program.”

Later in the meeting, Council voted 8-to-0 to on a separate measure declaring the Grant Avenue Parkway plan a “multi-project” redevelopment. The “multi-project” designation makes it easier for new projects in or near the Parkway to get developer tax abatements.

According to the resolution, the idea is to promote “flexibility” in revitalizing the area.

The redevelopment plan area covers a swatch of land from West Olive Street to the north, to West Catalpa Street to the south and from South Campbell Avenue to the east westward to South Douglas Avenue.

Gregory Holman is a KSMU reporter and editor focusing on public affairs.