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You can now register for StoryCorps in the Ozarks

Pixabay, used with permission

KSMU is partnering with the storytelling program, which will host recording sites in both Springfield and West Plains.

Reservations for the storytelling project StoryCorps opened Thursday, and the actual interviews will begin on April 21. KSMU is partnering with the project, giving anyone in Springfield and the surrounding area the opportunity to come in, tell their story, and share it with the community.

StoryCorps interviews typically involve two people with a shared history—family members, close friends, maybe even coworkers.

They’re joined by a StoryCorps facilitator who records the interview and makes sure it runs smoothly. After 40 minutes, the participants receive a digital copy of the interview and, with their permission, another copy is sent to the American Folk Life Center at the Library of Congress. StoryCorps then takes the interview and edits it down so that it might be used in a broadcast.

StoryCorps allows for the exchange of ideas and it preserves memories for future generations. Jamie Henline works in KSMU’s membership department and is helping coordinate StoryCorps’ visit.

“I know as a parent myself, the idea of being able to leave behind my voice, a snippet of my—a lens into my own life or the life of someone that I’m curious about interviewing, the idea of leaving that behind for my child is touching,” Henline said.  

StoryCorps isn’t necessarily looking for “big” stories. Little, personal slices of life can be just as, if not even more important to share. KSMU’s Stephanie McCall said the conversations can vary a lot.

“I think it’s really wide open. It’s really just kind of whatever the participants want to talk about, whatever their focus is. They really try to find those special shared moments that get at your emotions, kind of the emotional core that we all share together, of our shared stories,” McCall said.  

If you’re interested in sharing your story, visit to make an appointment with StoryCorps. In Springfield, interviews will take place between April 21 and May 18 at The Library Center, and interviews in West Plains will be between May 6 and 8.