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Amid higher demand at hospitals due to COVID-19, CoxHealth offers tips to care for yourself at home

A woman blows her nose
A woman blows her nose

CoxHealth is offering advice for managing milder cases of COVID-19 at home as the illness continues to spread in Greene County and healthcare workers are stressed.

The healthcare system has created a page on its website that provides tips for caring for yourself at home.

As the Ozarks sees a drastic rise in COVID-19 cases, many who are experiencing a milder case can safely manage their symptoms at home, said CoxHealth officials in a news release.

There are care tips such as staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest and treating symptoms with over-the-counter medications. The page also lists urgent warning signs that warrant a 911 call.

“We want to help our patients both in and out of the hospital. We hope COVID-19 positive patients use these tips and know that even though they are not physically in our hospital, we still are providing the best care for them,” Dr. Susan Graves, family medicine physician at CoxHealth Republic said in the statement.

CoxHealth advises calling your doctor as soon as you test positive if you are an older adult or have existing medical conditions.

The information can be found at