Springfield has a new city flag. Here's what the symbols and colors on it represent

Springfield city flag approved by Springfield City Council on January 10, 2022
Springfield Identity Project

Springfield City Council approved the new design at its meeting Monday night.

Springfield City Council has approved a new flag for the city. It's a design first proposed by the Springfield Identity Project in 2017.

The new flag, which replaces one adopted in 1938, is blue and white, and its symbols and colors represent facets of the city.

Compass Crown

In the center of the city's new flag, is a dark blue and white eight-pointed emblem called the Compass Crown. It represents Springfield’s role as a crossroads to the nation with the crown being a reference to the city’s nickname, Queen City of the Ozarks.

Four-pointed white stars

Three four-pointed stars above the Compass Crown represent Springfield’s innovative spirit, connection to nature and Ozarks culture.

White horizontal stripe

A broad, white horizontal stripe symbolizes the Ozarks Plateau on which the city was built as well as Route 66. The name for the iconic highway originated in Springfield.

Light blue background

The blue background represents Ozarks water and skies.

The city solicited designs for a new flag and received 26 submissions, ultimately deciding on the one that was approved this week.

The historic city flag will be retired in a ceremony when the new flag is raised at city hall on March 1.

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