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In Missouri, Where The Weather Is Ever Changing, Take This Week To Prepare

KSMU - Ozarks Public Radio

The Greene County Office of Emergency Management wants you to start preparing now for the possibility of severe weather in the coming months. It’s hosting Weather Preparedness Week, with each day focusing on a different way to prepare for Missouri’s severe weather season.

Severe weather impacts Missouri every year, which is why the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management created Weather Preparedness Week. OEM urges citizens to do one thing each day this week to become better prepared for when disasters strike.

Greene County residents are encouraged to learn about and prepare for receiving weather information, tornado safety, lightning safety, hail and wind, and floods.

Greene County Office of Emergency Management spokeswoman Christine Morton believes that above all, residents should look into making an emergency preparedness kit.

“Make sure you’re building the emergency preparedness kit, whether you leave that in your home or in your car; anything that is necessary for your and your family’s survival for up to 72 hours," Morton said.

Find out what to include in the kit at

The annual statewide tornado drill was held Tuesday.