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JVCHC Purchases Former Price Cutter Building At Grand And Kansas Expressway

Michele Skalicky

A sign on the old Price Cutter building at Grand and Kansas Expressway reads “Future Home of Jordan Valley Community Health Center.”

But the president and CEO of Jordan Valley, Brooks Miller, said they’re already using the property, which they purchased recently from Pyramid Foods for $2.9 million.

The site is being used as a COVID-19 vaccination clinic when doses are available.  Once vaccines become more readily available, that site will likely be used as a drive through clinic, Miller said.

Tentative plans call for Jordan Valley Community Health Center’s women’s health and pediatrics, including both pediatric medical and dental, to be moved to that location.

"And that will open up some space to develop our family practice side, our behavioral health side and adult dental for the anticipated growth we're going to see in Medicaid expansion."

Missouri voters approved Medicaid Expansion last August. 

Jordan Valley Community Health Center currently serves approximately 65,000 people in five counties.  Miller anticipates that will grow by 10,000 to 12,000 with 6,000 7,000 of those patients in Springfield.

And he thinks they’ll see the biggest growth in dental and behavioral health.

"I think that those are two services that have the greatest demand for access within our community in Springfield so that, by relocating some of those services we have on our campus facility, that will allow us to expand those areas," Miller said.

He believes the property they recently purchased is perfect for their needs.  The flow is good there, he said, the parking is good, and it’s a highly visible location.

Jordan Valley Community Health Center is focused on providing access to care.  Miller said they primarily serve those at 200 percent of the federal poverty level or lower.