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MSU Will Use JQH Arena As Central Polling Place For All Greene County Voters Nov. 3

JQH Arena
Scott Harvey

In this episode of Engaging the Community, Missouri State University President Clif Smart explains the decision to open up the JQH Arena as a polling place for all Greene County voters on November 3.

That means voters will have the option of either casting their ballots at their regular polling place or at the JQH Arena.

Smart said while MSU, as a public institution of higher education, doesn't endorse individual candidates, he thinks "this presidential race, in particular, is the most important race in my lifetime."

Several issues that impact higher education will almost certainly by impacted by who wins the presidency, he said, inlcuding Title IV policy, immigration, diversity training limitations, Pell grants, student loan forgiveness, and pandemic management. You can hear this month's episode below:

Smart also talked about the variety of ways the university has been involved in the electoral process, including hosting voter registration drives and virtual candidate forums.

Clif Smart
Credit Ryan Welch / KSMU
Missouri State University President Clif Smart.

"Wherever you stand, vote," Smart said. "Come to 'The Q,' a convenient place, a safe place for you to vote come November."

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