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KSMU is dedicated to broadcasting critically important information as our community experiences the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, you'll find our ongoing coverage.

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Are Up In Missouri And Greene County

Springfield-Greene County Health Department

CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) — Hospitalizations for the coronavirus have risen across Missouri in recent days. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that three of the four highest days for hospitalizations have occurred over the past week, based on data from the state health department. The most recent data shows 1,021 patients in hospitals with confirmed or presumed cases on Saturday, the second-highest day on record. The highest was Sept. 9, when 1,040 patients were hospitalized. The fourth-highest number of hospitalizations on record occurred Friday, with 1,008 patients.

KSMU reports that, in Springfield, there were 108 people hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Wednesday morning, according to the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, and 29 of them were in the ICU.