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KSMU is dedicated to broadcasting critically important information as our community experiences the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, you'll find our ongoing coverage.

Springfield Art Museum Set To Reopen June 9

City of Springfield

The Springfield Art Museum will reopen Tuesday, June 9, to limited, walk-in traffic.  It’s been closed since March due to the coronavirus.

Museum officials say they’ve developed rigorous re-entry protocols.  Those include: 

  • Visitors will be allowed in on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Visitors will be admitted on an "equal or less-than" basis as visitors leave (For example, if 3 people leave the Museum, 3 or fewer can be allowed into the Museum)
  • Gallery Attendants will monitor occupancy levels in individual galleries. You may be asked to wait before entering a particular gallery if its occupancy is at capacity.
  • Visitors will be discouraged from congregating and lingering in the parking lot.
  • Visitors and visitor groups will be encouraged to practice appropriate physical distancing by standing at least 6 feet apart
  • Staff must maintain proper physical distancing and wear masks and gloves, where appropriate
  • A sneeze guard installed at the Museum’s reception desk and the public will be encouraged to stand at least 6 feet away from the reception desk. Staff will remain behind the sneeze guard. Front desk surveys are suspended until further notice
  • Visitors will be encouraged to use hand sanitizing stations and proper respiratory etiquette;
  • High-touch surfaces, furniture, and fixtures will be cleaned immediately after contact with visitors
  • Visitors that have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be asked to return home and not enter the Museum per the City COVID-19 Signage Policy;
  • Signage with new guidelines for visitors will be prominently displayed at the front entrance as well as throughout the Museum. Signage encouraging the use of hand sanitizer will be posted adjacent to hand sanitizing stations. Signage will comply with City COVID-19 Signage Policy.
  • Occupancy will be limited to 40 visitors at a time.

Learn more here.  

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