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Protests Against Stay At Home Orders Being Held In Missouri

AP Photo/Orlin Wagner
Associated Press

People upset with stay at home orders issued to slow the spread of the coronavirus are protesting.

A rally in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza Monday drew between 75 and 100 people.  People waved signs and U.S. flags.

A group called Reopen Missouri plans a rally today at noon at the Missouri Capitol Building.  And a Facebook group called Reopen Springfield Missouri is planning a rally at noon today on Park Central Square.

But health experts say having people in close contact is the fuel that COVID-19 needs to spread.

Springfield-Greene County Health Department director, Clay Goddard, said at a recent press briefing that, due to the stay at home measures, we’re currently influencing the virus.  But he said, ignoring the practices that got us to this moment puts us at risk of going back to where we started.