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Missouri Academy Of Family Physicians Endorses Medicaid Expansion Campaign

Flickr via Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Nebraska Rural Health

The Missouri Academy of Family Physicians has endorsed the Medicaid expansion campaign in Missouri.


The group joins 170 other organizations who want to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot this November, according to Healthcare for Missouri.


The Missouri Academy of Family Physicians is a non-profit medical society with more than 2,500 members of doctors, residents, and medical students in Missouri.


Kathy Pabst, executive director, said in a release that family doctors see more underserved individuals than any other medical group in the state. 

They're also concerned about rural hospitals closing, due in part to the number of uninsured patients they serve, she said. 


See our earlier reporting about the medicaid expansion issue and Missouri's rural uninsured population by clicking here.


Medicaid is the government health insurance program for the lower-income and disabled populations.  Most states have expanded their programs to include more people under the Affordable Care Act, but Missouri has not.