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City of Nixa to Hire 3 Leadership Positions in 2020

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The City of Nixa will hire three key leadership positions in 2020. They are looking for a City Attorney, Director of Finance, and an Assistant Director of Nixa Utilities & Public Works.

Drew Douglas, a spokesman for the city of Nixa, says these positions are meant to accommodate the growing community there.

Douglas said Nixa’s population is expected to be anywhere between 22 and 25 thousand when the 2020 census is released.

“The City of Nixa continues to be a really fast growing community,” Douglas said.    "We are projected to be one of the fastest growing communities in the state over the next several years as well."

Funds already existed for a City Attorney and Director of Finance. The new position of Assistant Director of Nixa Utilities & Public Works is the only one that required making adjustments to the budget, Douglas said.

The City Attorney position is open now.  The other two positions will be posted later this year.

For more information on the City Attorney position click here. And click here for current and future job descriptions.