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CU Board Votes To Retire Power Station

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The two remaining power generation units at James River Power Station, next to Springfield Lake, will be retired in the near future after a vote Thursday by the City Utilities Board of Public Utilities. According to a news release from CU, Unit 4 was put into service in 1964, and Unit 5 was placed into service in 1970. Both units were last used in 2017 and 2018 and have provided electric power to CU customers with both natural gas and coal fired generation.

The addition of JTEC Unit-2, in 2011, allowed the gradual retirement of the five generation units at JRPS, according to the utility company.

Units 1, 2, and 3 were retired from service in 2017.  CU officials say the addition of renewable energy contracts to replace generation capacity, now allows the retirement of Units 4 and 5. The process next goes to Southwest Power Pool to confirm and approve the removal of the generation units from the marketplace. Two combustion turbines will remain available for service on the property, and portions of the James River Power Station building have been repurposed for other utility uses, according to CU.

Springfield Lake was built to cool the steam generators at James River Power Station.