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New Guidebook Showcases Hidden Gems of the Ozarks

Ozarks Alive

A Springfield historian just released a guidebook of unique locations in the Ozarks.

On her weekends, Kaitlyn McConnell travels across southwest Missouri looking for history, traditions, and out-of-the-way locations for her website, Ozarks Alive. In her new guidebook, Passport to the Ozarks, she features 61 of these interesting places.  

McConnell says preserving and showcasing these locations is more important than ever.

“To continue these traditions you have to have someone there to carry them on, and in a lot of cases unfortunately we’ve modernized enough or people have moved away enough that these places aren’t lasting quite as much as they did before," she said. 

Passport to the Ozarks is an extension of her work encouraging people to get out and explore these cultural landmarks for themselves. The book is self-published, and it’s available at