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More Springfield Drivers Yield To Pedestrians

More people are yielding to pedestrians in Springfield crosswalks.

SGF Yields, the city’s pedestrian safety program, says there’s been a four percent improvement in the percentage of drivers yielding to pedestrians.

The city’s traffic safety professional, Many Buettgen-Quinn, says early this year, only 25% of drivers yielded to a decoy pedestrian.  But since April, an average of 29% of drivers yielded to walkers waiting at a crosswalk. 

The quarterly assessment, performed by Public Works Traffic Operations division since 2017, evaluates driver compliance at six crosswalk sites with similar traffic speeds and characteristics. Two locations are studied every quarter as a control group. The remaining sites are selected from each of the four City Council zones. Results from each location are averaged to produce a snapshot of driver compliance across town.

The highest yield rate was at Lone Pine near Allen St., while the lowest was at Grant Avenue near Talmage.