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Howell County Audit Report Issued


An audit of Howell County found concerns with financial practices in several areas of county government.  According to Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s office, those include the offices of the county collector and sheriff.  The report received an overall rating of “good.”

The report recommended improvements to the accounting practices of the sheriff's office to ensure better oversight of inmate money and commissary funds. Two of the five findings in this office were previously identified in past audit reports.

State law requires the county collector to collect county surtax and railroad and utility taxes from municipalities and other political subdivisions and collect a 1% commission to be deposited in the county's General Revenue Fund. The audit found the county collector, through written agreements, withheld and personally retained an additional 3% commission on surtax and railroad and utilities taxes collected for certain cities. This additional commission is not permitted under state law.

The audit also made recommendations to improve cybersecurity practices in the offices of several county officials and ensure county personnel policies adequately address employees earning compensatory time.

Click here to view the full report.