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Report Shows Better Health Outcomes For Pregnant Women In Medicaid Expansion States

Tatiana Vdb

A report from Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families shows the uninsured rate for women of childbearing age is twice as high in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid compared to states that have.



Missouri is among the states that have not expanded Medicaid to low-income residents.  According to the report, 10 out of 12 states with the highest rate of uninsured women of childbearing age are states that have not expanded Medicaid — though Missouri is not one of those 12 states.


The report says states that have expanded Medicaid have seen increased preventative care, a reduced number of adverse health issues relating to pregnancy, fewer maternal deaths and a reduction in infant mortality rates.


Under Obamacare, states were given the option of expanding the government health coverage plan for low-income residents—with the federal government picking up most of the tab. Since Missouri lawmakers have opted not to expand the program, supporters of expansion are now considering taking the issue to voters on a statewide ballot.