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The Name "JQH Arena" To Be Removed From MSU Building

Michele Skalicky

On Thursday, Missouri State University announced its plans to remove the exterior signage at JQH Arena. Despite this, it will still be referred to as JQH Arena until a new naming rights agreement has been reached. 

Though there is no new name yet, the university hopes to have the naming process finalized within the next 12 months.

Renaming JQH Arena follows a September 2018 settlement between the university and JD Holdings.=

The settlement returned the naming rights to the university. In addition to that, JD Holdings is obligated to pay the university a total of $10.2 million. $3.6 million has already been paid, and an additional $6.6 million is expected in three annual installments with the last payment due in 2022.

Payments for the original naming rights came from the Revocable Trust of John Q. Hammons before a bankruptcy settlement between the Trust and JD Holdings. The balance of the payment obligation was transferred to JD Holdings in May of 2018.

University spokeswoman Suzanne Shaw says removing the exterior signage from JQH Arena and leaving it blank will give potential donors a chance to envision their name on the side of the building.

Credit Michele Skalicky
JQH Arena

“The removal of the signage kicks off the first phase of renaming the university’s athletic and entertainment venue. We want a blank slate to be visible as a good-faith effort on our part as we enter this process,” Shaw said.

The removal of the signage begins on June 3rd and is expected to last for seven business days — weather permitting.