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Spring Temperatures To Disappear For A Few Days As Winds, Rain Move Into Ozarks

National Weather Service
A look at weather advisories in the Ozarks Wednesday afternoon

It may feel like you’re about to be blown off the sidewalk today, and that usually means the weather is changing. 


Jason Schaumann, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield, says we can temporarily say goodbye to the warm temperatures we’ve seen as a storm system moves in.


He says strong winds are bringing several challenges.


“We’ve got a really dry air mass in place with those strong and gusty winds – what that creates is dangerous fire weather conditions. Fires in these conditions will have the ability to rapidly grow and spread.”


Schaumann said there have already been multiple reports of fires that have gotten out of control.


“So be very careful--don’t be throwing cigarettes butts out windows, things of that nature. We don’t need sparks or open flames out there right now.”


He advises people tie down loose items and to take care driving, especially if you have a high profile vehicle on east-west oriented highways.


This weekend, the Ozarks region can expect to see showers with highs in the 50s.