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Winter Weather Awareness Day Focuses on Being Ready for Ice and Snow


Winter Weather Awareness Day November 14,The Ozarks has already had a taste of winter with snow that fell Monday and more expected Wednesday and Thursday in parts of southwest and south central Missouri. 

Several organizations, including the National Weather Service, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the state fire marshal, the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency, are offering advice on how to stay safe in the cold.

Some tips for drivers:  Pack an emergency kit in your car that includes medical equipment, food, water and a blanket.  Winterize your vehicle.  Make sure your phone is on and charged before heading out in winter weather.  And, check road conditions before you leave the house.

Homeowners should keep some survival items on hand such as non-perishable food, medical supplies and batteries.

According to the DHSS, you should avoid overexertion in the winter because cold weather puts a strain on your heart.  If you’re out shoveling snow, take frequent breaks and wear several layers of lightweight clothing as well as a hat. 

The state fire marshal says you should never run a generator in an occupied building or in an attached garage.  And don’t use fossil-fueled space heaters in an enclosed space or plug electric space heaters into an extension cord.

Learn more about preparing for winter weather here.