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In a First, Greene County Designates Four Central Polling Locations

Megan Burke



 As November’s midterm election draws near, Greene County has designated four central polling locations for the first time.



A central polling location is a spot where any voter registered in the county can cast their ballot.

For some voters, this may be more convenient than their designated polling spot.


The central polling locations include the City Utilities Transit Center, the Davis Harrington Welcome Center on the Missouri State University campus, the County Clerk’s Office and Cox South Hospital.


Kaitlyn McConnell, a spokeswoman for CoxHealth, says the hospital became a location primarily for its patients and estimated 11,000 employees.


“Employees won’t have to make another stop to or from work and hopefully give them that extra layer of convenience when they’re wanting to do their civic duty," McConnell said.


There are 80 total voting locations across the county. A full list of the locations can be found at or by calling (417) 868-4060.