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New Mandatory Dyslexia Screenings Implemented Across Missouri Schools

Kevin Jarrett
Flickr, Used with permission

A new screening for signs of Dyslexia is mandatory by law for Missouri public school kids in kindergarten through third grade.

Most mandatory screenings are required to be completed within the first 30 days of school.

The Ozark School District says it has already adjusted its screenings to follow the new guidelines. The school district also says it’s providing in-service training for teachers to learn more about Dyslexia.

Linda Fugate works with students on reading issues at that school district. 

“If they [school districts] are doing the screenings, it’s going to help them to identify students who might be struggling,” Fugate said. “Whether the reason is Dyslexia or not, it’s going to help identify students who are struggling because they have weaknesses in certain areas.”

Any students in fourth grade or above will not be required to participate in the screening, but could be recommended for testing by parents or teachers.

You can read the Missouri House legislation that was signed into law by clicking here and a summary of the Missouri Senate version here.

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