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Rob O’Brian Runs for 32nd District State Senate Seat in August Primary


Rob O’Brian was the president of the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years. First elected in 1995, O’Brian just recently stepped down from his position in March of this year, according to the Chamber.

During O’Brian’s time as a community and business leader, he helped lead the economic development efforts for the Joplin area. He said his focus was on job creation.

“I bring a broad based community background to the table. I’ve worked with businesses large and small, I’ve worked on ways to bring companies to the state, ways to help grow companies locally, it’s all about jobs. I’m very passionate about job creation for the people who live in our area,” O’Brian said.

And O’Brian says he feels the key to good job security for future generations is an emphasis on higher education.

“Make sure that we have a strong education and framing system so people currently in the workforce can enhance their skills and get better jobs that are coming in and being created by existing companies. It also is an opportunity to encourage our children, our grandchildren, the next generation to get a strong education so that they can participate in this new and rapidly changing economy we all see,” O’Brian said.

O’Brian says that, if elected to the Missouri Senate, his track record of improving the community would transition into passing legislation that would improve quality of life for the people of Missouri.

“I’ve worked on transportation, worked closely with public education and higher education, worked on community development issues and projects that just improve the quality of living for people. It’s a very broad based background, it’s a positive background in terms of understanding how things interrelate and bring that to the senate so that we can have good legislation that can improve the quality of life for the citizens in southwest Missouri and across the state,” O’Brian said.

The Missouri primary election is August 7th.