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Bill White Runs for 32nd District State Senate Seat in August Primary

Missouri House Of Representatives

White is the current Missouri State Representative for District 161 in the House of Representatives in Jefferson City. He was elected to his first two-year term in November, 2010.

White says since he took office in 2010, he has tried to establish himself as transparent and honest with the people he represents.

“I am very transparent. I think I have a very good level of integrity.  My constituents trust me. They know I am going to be honest with them.  I don’t tell them what they want to hear; I tell them the way it is. And I tell them how I’m going to vote, what I’m voting on. And I’m accessible to them. I care about people; I represent people, small business. I don’t represent special interests,” White said.

White says he shares his cell phone number with constituents—and it’s a cell phone he carries on him.

“It’s my policy that constituents need to be able to access me, be able to tell me their problems. You know we do a lot of things: we pass legislation, of course. We kill legislation, which is one of the important things we do—but we also deal with a lot of problems with people. And being accessible to people to deal with their problems or to hear their input on the issues we’re dealing with, the laws we’re considering. That priority is to still be accessible like that,” White said.

On top of his legislative duties, White is also a practicing attorney. His law practice focuses on children, the elderly, and business law. White previously served as the Juvenile Attorney for Jasper County, and he’s volunteered as a high school teacher.  He also served in the United States Marine Corps.

“I vote probably with my republican leadership 97% of the time, but on those 3% where I think they’ve got it wrong I have no problem going up against leadership,” White said.

The Missouri primary election will be held on August 7th.