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Branson Cracks Down on AirBNB, Other Nightly Home Rentals


Due to recent complaints, the City of Branson is cracking down on people renting out their houses, rooms, or apartments for a very short period of time.

To operate a nightly rental from a home and advertise it on websites like Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO, residents are required to get a business license from the city.
But there are only certain neighborhoods where that is allowed.

Melody Pettit is a spokeswoman for the City of Branson. She says only low density residential areas qualify for those business licenses.

Click "Play" to hear audio from Melody Pettit.

“If you’re not clear about where you are is zoned, just call into City Hall and we can let you know if an Airbnb or VRBO is allowed in your area. And if so then yes, you will need a business license.”

Pettit says that people illegally renting out their homes night-to-night could receive a penalty and citation to be determined by a judge.

Those critical of nightly home rentals say they chip away at the community feel of a neighborhood—and they also take business away from local hotels.
To find out whether a nightly rental is allowed in your area, you can call the Branson City Hall at (417) 334-8592.