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Nearly 3,700 Feral Hogs Trapped, Killed in Missouri So Far This Year

Missouri Department of Conservation

Nearly 3,700 hogs were trapped and killed in the first five months of 2018, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Feral hogs are a nuisance for landowners and other wildlife—and they can be dangerous, too.  They're known for eating nearly anything they can track down and catch, which conservation officials say disrupts natural habitats like glades, fens, and springs.

“In their search for food, I have seen feral hogs root holes up to 16 inches deep in pastures, hayfields, crop fields, pond dams, cemeteries, gardens and yards,” said Mark McLain, MDC’s Feral Hog Elimination Team Leader, in a relase from the MDC. “This rooting can damage equipment, injure livestock and cause the landowner significant financial loss to repair equipment and re-seed fields.”

Officials are asking for the public’s help in completely eliminating feral hogs from Missouri.

“Landowners have been, and will continue to be, the cornerstone of the Missouri feral hog elimination project,” said Parker Hall, USDA Missouri Wildlife Services State Director, said in a release. “They have been instrumental in helping the Missouri Feral Hog Partnership identify, locate and remove this exotic, invasive species from the landscape.”

Conservation officials prefer that people report sightings of feral hogs to the MDC, rather than hunt the hogs. Hunting of feral hogs is not allowed on MDC areas.

To report sightings, you can call 573-522-4115 extension 3296 or go to