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Springfield's Hotel Vandivort Will Add 48 Rooms, Rooftop Bar With Expansion

The Hotel Vandivort
The new addition will have a fifth-story roof top bar called "The Vantage." The venue will be open to the public and provide guests a view of Springfield's skyline. Construction on the new building is set to begin this spring.

The Hotel Vandivort first opened its doors in downtown Springfield in the summer of 2015. Now, almost three years later, the owners say it’s time to expand. Construction on a new 42,000 square-foot building is scheduled to begin this spring.

“We knew we’d be having that conversation at one point,” said John McQueary, a co-owner alongside his brother Billy McQueary. “We assumed that conversation we’d be looking at, maybe starting four to five years down the road at least.”

The demand went up and those plans were pushed up with it McQueary said.

The new building will be located to the North-West of The Hotel Vandivort off of McDaniel Street in downtown Springfield. It will feature 48 new rooms, more meeting spaces and the addition of valet service.

Topping off the new development will be “The Vantage,” a fifth-story rooftop bar that will provide patrons with a view of Springfield’s skyline. 

“It’s high enough to see all around downtown but it’s still low enough to have kind of an intimate interaction with downtown,” McQueary said.

“The Vantage” will be open to the general public, not just guests, and will feature outdoor seating as well.

The Hotel Vandivort is a complete restoration of the Masonic Temple that sits at 305 W. Walnut St. Opening a hotel wasn’t the initial plan starting out, said McQueary. The owners wanted to be a part of the revitalization efforts in downtown Springfield and set out to answer a question; what’s the next missing piece for downtown?

“The concept of a boutique hotel seemed to fit that, and it would be something that was a cultural and economic spark,” McQueary said.

McQuery added the new expansion will continue those revitalization efforts and help bring more people to downtown.

“It will essentially be doubling the number of our guest rooms, so that’s just more people staying (downtown) and going out and eating and shopping and spending money downtown,” McQueary said.

The new building is set to be completed in the spring of 2019.

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