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New Pedestrian Crossings on Glenstone Go into Operation Wednesday

Michele Skalicky

New pedestrian crossings on Glenstone are hoped to increase safety for those on foot, in wheelchairs and on bikes.  The crossings are located just north of Portland and Cinderella and just south of I-44. 

Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) spokesperson, Angela Eden, said the locations were chosen based, in part, on observations by MODOT traffic engineers.

"We placed these crossings where we've seen the predominance of people crossing the street, trying to dart into traffic to make it into the center turn lane and then continue on to the other side of the street," she said.

She urges drivers to be aware as they approach the new crossings, especially while they’re getting used to them being there.

"When they see the lights begin to flash--they're yellow lights on very fluorescent yellow signs that designate the crosswalk--when they see those lights begin to flash, they need to slow down and be prepared to stop to allow the pedestrian to safely cross the road," she said.

And it’s not just drivers that need to be cautious around the crossings.  Eden said pedestrians need to use caution, too.

"Before they venture out into the lanes of traffic, make sure that those vehicles see you and that they are stopped before proceeding," she said.

How the crosswalks work:  once pedestrians push a button at the street, they’ll have 18 seconds to get to the middle.  One they’re in the center turn lane, they’ll push another button and have another 18 seconds to finish crossing the street.

The crosswalks are part of a larger project, according to Eden, which included adding an extra right turn lane on the eastbound I-44 to southbound Glenstone ramp and making Americans with Disabilities Act improvements to sidewalks along Glenstone.  The total cost of the project was $492,545.